Technical Organizations of Interest

Here is a list of various technology groups meeting around Vermont and beyond. 

Burlington, VT PHP Users Group

Description: A users group for local PHP developers that typically meets the fourth Thursday of the month. Sign up for the mailing list for meeting announcements and general discussion. You are also welcome join us in the #btvphpug IRC channel on freenode, join the LinkedIn group, or see a sampling of past presentations on Slideshare.

Burlington Web Application Group  (BTVWAG)

Description:  The Burlington Web Application Group - A place for technology enthusiasts focused on web development to come together and share ideas


Description: Several leaders of regional IT associations created CRITA in the early 1990s to facilitate networking on a regular basis. CRITA was incorporated in March 2000 to leverage the power of the tens of thousands of member companies that their associations and councils currently represent.

As a nonprofit, 501(c)6 corporation, their mission is to facilitate information, visibility, networking, and services for information technology-focused, not-for-profit business organizations in the United States and Canada.

The vtSDA is a proud member of this organization.

Green Mountain Oracle Users Group

Description: A group formed in 2005 in an effort to address the absence of affordable local educational and technical resources to the Oracle professionals in the Vermont area.

interface NOW

Description: interfaceNOW is a resource portal web site for business people in Northern New England. They provide timely and practical information about communities, people, business, and the issues surrounding these groups. They also offer our historical information and databases as a research tool for business owners and executives.

Invent Vermont 

Description: InventVermont is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to promote innovation, invention and creativity through educational programs and by providing a mechanism for sharing information among its members and associates. InventVermont is a forum for the development and nurturing of the capabilities of its members to conceive, develop, patent, market, and benefit from the innovation process.

Vermont Area Group of Unix Enthusiasts

Description: A group that advocates the use of free (as in freedom), open source, unix and GNU/Linux systems and software. The collective serves as a resource for the community; including beginners, professionals and other enthusiasts.

Vermont Broadband Council

Description: The mission of the Vermont Broadband Council is to promote the use and availability of broadband services throughout the state. Our approach is to do this through demonstration projects that are designed to give individuals and businesses first hand experience with the benefits of high-speed, always-on Internet services.

Vermont Chief Information Officers Group

Description: The CIO Group meets regularly at Champlain College at 5:30 PM. They have meetings and discuss subjects that includes the following: IBM's World Community Grid project, MAC/PC Integration, Reporting Tools, Future Technologies, Legal Issues, Security Incident Management, Hot Sites/High Availability, Open Source, Vendor Management

Spyware, Adware, Virus and Outbound Mass Mailings.  Contact Paul Dusini @ Champlain College via

Vermont Information Technology Center


Description: A major resource point for Vermont individuals and organizations with an interest in the various aspects of information technology (IT) to support the expansion and improvement of the Vermont economy.

Vermont Information Technology Leaders, Inc.


Description: A non-profit, public-private partnership that was incorporated in Vermont on July 22, 2005. Their vision is that the Vermont health information exchange network will share real-time clinical information among health care providers across the state to improve patient outcomes while reducing service duplication and decreasing the rate at which health care spending occurs.

Vermont Macromedia Flash User Group

Description: A group created in 2004 to provide the Vermont Flash community with access to information and other resources associated with Flash-enabled tools from Macromedia (now Adobe).

Vermont.NET User Group

Description: A group dedicated to sharing knowledge about Microsoft's .NET technology.  Attendees span a variety of interests and experience, from beginnerto guru, VB, C#, C++, Windows and Web Developers.

Vermont Procurement Technical Assistance Center (VTPTAC)

Description: A searchable database of over 13,000 Vermont businesses. Use this to find buying or selling opportunities or to list your business, free of charge.

The VTPTAC not only administrates the Vermont Business to Business Network, it also runs Vermont's Procurement Technical Assistance Center, a program to help Vermont companies become government contractors or subcontractors.

Vermont Ruby On Rails User Group 

Description: A group founded in May 2006 by local Ruby On Rails developers to create a community for learning and sharing knowledge.

Vermont SQL Server User Group

Description: A group founded in April 2003 by a group of professional developers and DBAs to create a community for learning and sharing knowledge.  They are a special interest group affiliated with the Vermont.NET User Group.

Vermont Upper Valley Information Technology Professionals

Description: A group meetings monthly to share knowledge about technology.


Description: A non-profit, charitable corporation whose mission is to promote and support the use of Information Technology to transform Vermont education through the provision of professional development, training and networking opportunities.

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